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Root Canals With Your Standish, Windham, & Gorham Dentists

Everybody's heard of a root canal - but what you may not know is that with current advances in dental technology, it's not nearly as bad as most people think. A root canal is simply the procedure of extracting decayed pulp from the central part of the tooth, reshaping the canal, and strengthening it with biocompatible filler.

Many people believe a root canal is very painful, but this is a misconception. Root canals are similar to having a cavity filled, and produce very minimal pain.

When It’s Used

A root canal may be appropriate for a variety of conditions:

  • Inflamed or infected tooth pulp
  • Severe sensitivity to temperature
  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Swelling or tenderness near infected tooth
  • Repeated dental procedures on tooth

If left untreated, these problems can lead to severe tooth decay and cause extensive damage to the tooth structure. When the damage surpasses what can be treated with a filling, a root canal can preserve the tooth and retain its integrity.

How It Works

The root canal procedure involves the following steps:

  • Patient is anesthetized, minimizing potential for discomfort.
  • A dental dam is used to isolate the tooth.
  • The tooth is opened and any infected or dead dental pulp is removed.
  • The tooth is given a deep clean - including any cracks and canals.
  • Special tools are used to reshape the canals.
  • The tooth is filled with a cutting edge, biocompatible filling material.
  • After a recovery period, the patient returns for a permanent restoration.

We work with each patient individually to discuss the exact details of their treatment and any possible alternatives - our top priority is ensuring you receive the care and treatment that is right for you.

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